About the College

Program Direction

The BA Program shall be the producer of well-balanced resources in the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual fields. 

Program Objectives

The program commits itself to prepare graduates to become:

•  men and women for others

•  conscious of the need to preserve the environment

•  promoters of justice and harmony for individuals

•  leaders in the pursuit of excellence in the humanities and the arts


         We thereby aim to expect all our efforts to use our God-given talents and abilities to achieve our vision and mission. 

Program Educational Objectives : CMO 24, 26, 34 & 35, s.2017

1.   Manifest leadership in an organization in a team or communities of practices, enabled by their established expertise in the field of study to effectively work with others to achieve the objective of the group for the common good.

2.   Practice global & ethical standards and consciousness of the environment and society anchored to the moral, ethical, Ignacian-Marian core values and principles using honest, tactful, and precise language and appropriate media to serve humanity and glorify God as the model Communicator.

3.   Manifest skills necessary for research along and across multi-disciplines to enhance one’s performance and productivity.

4.  Engage in professional activities reflecting a profound faith in God, inspired by the spirituality of humble service, and committed to a continuous search for excellence. 



1961-1962. Liberal Arts were offered.

2000. The first batch of Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts graduated.

2005. The first batch of Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology graduated.

2007.  The radio laboratory in the Bonifacio campus was blessed and inaugurated.

2008.  The first batch of Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy graduated.

2019. The Program name of Liberal Arts was renamed to College of Arts and Humanities (CAH).